UNILAG Student Accuses Davido Of Not Paying Him N1M For Dummy He Bought From Him
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UNILAG Student Accuses Davido Of Not Paying Him N1M For Dummy He Bought From Him

UNILAG Student Accuses Davido Of Not Paying Him N1M For Dummy He Bought From Him

A Student of University of Lagos Has Accused Davido Of Refusing To Pay Him N1M For A Dummy He Bought From Him.

A vendor has accused Davido of refusing to pay the 1 million Naira he owes him since 2020.

The vendor, a student of the University of Lagos, said Davido bought a pink stuffed dummy from him in Dec 2020 and told him he couldn’t pay right away because he had exceeded his transfer limit for the day.

He said the singer promised to pay as soon as possible but it’s been over a year and all efforts to get the singer to pay proved abortive.

He said he has reached out to Davido’s manager and a member of Davido’s team who introduced him to the singer but none has given him a favourable response. He also claims he’s been blocked so he can’t reach out.

He said a member of Davido’s team tried to deny that the singer ever bought anything from him.

The vendor then shared proof of the product Davido bought from him. He shared photos of Davido’s daughter playing with the dummy and also screenshots of videos posted online by Davido’s team with the dummy in the background.

He also shared a threat he claims is from Davido’s camp, trying to shut him up for going public. The sender of the message threatened to deal with him for going public about the money owed him by the singer.

He pleaded with Davido to pay him so that he can settle his needs at school and take care of his mother.

His Instagram post reads;

” I hate when famous people buy from we young youths hustling to make a living for ourselves here in Nigeria and not get paid, “how do you expect me to pay my rent and my school fees ? Please someone should tell @davido to pay for the items he bought since 24th December 2020 I have been hold this inside in silence for a long time, I did all the necessary things to do did all the follow up for a whole year before now, please note this is not clout chasing you pushed me to post all this, I’m literally frustrated and emotionally down because of this, 1m Naira debt might be little to you but not small for me, I’m begging you in the name of God almighty this is over 1year ago I’m tired of calling your manager @asaasika and the guy that introduced you to me @deekay_dmw because they told me not to call them again they no longer pick my calls except you want me to die of depression, “I’m a student of university of lagos (UniLag) I need my money i have bills in school to pay and house rent to pay, I lost my dad 2019 ending ever since then have been the one taking care of my mom, I’m not begging you to dash me money, pay the 1m debt thats all.”