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GeekZilla Tech Reviews Nintendo Switch OLED

GeekZilla Tech Reviews Nintendo Switch OLED



Geekzilla Tech reviews the latest version of the portable Nintendo Switch OLED console. The Christmas dates are getting closer and closer and the video game industry is always one of the most benefited from this.

The Nintendo Switch is one of the favorite consoles to give away and now that the family has grown it is more difficult to decide on the original version, Nintendo Switch Lite , or Nintendo Switch OLED.



Nintendo Switch OLED display review

As its name indicates, the most important improvement of the Nintendo Switch OLED, with respect to its predecessor, is the OLED screen. The panel is OLED, unlike the original model which is LED. Therefore, the images are much brighter, with a richer level of contrast and better viewing angles. You should not confuse the technology of the screen with the resolution, since it is still 720 pixels, that is, HD. If you are going to connect your Nintendo Switch to television, the image quality it offers is Full HD.

Plus the display is 13 percent larger than the original. The Nintendo Switch has a screen diagonal of 6.2 inches, whereas this model is 7 inches. Do not underestimate this improvement, because although it seems a short difference it really does make a difference in two player games.

Geekzilla tech reviews continues…let’s talk performance!



Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

The great advantage of the Nintendo Switch, compared to other consoles, is the possibility of playing your favorite video games anywhere (thanks to its portability) and the fact that you can also connect it to your television and even play with several friends. This has not changed, it is its essence. What has changed is the gaming experience provided by the Nintendo Switch OLED.

We already mentioned that the most important update was made on the screen. But the Nintendo Switch OLED has twice the storage; went from 32GB to 64GB. This is great, because although in both cases you can expand the capacity with a microSD, you can wait a little longer to buy it. It has the same NVIDIA custom Tegra processor as the previous version. Perhaps they could make an improvement in this regard, although in practice the loading times are very good.

Speaking of the screen again, this version of the Nintendo Switch automatically adjusts the brightness, a very practical function when we change environments. In addition, it incorporates a LAN input so that you can connect the router directly to your device with an Ethernet cable. In this way the internet connection will be much more stable and with a much higher speed.


In the case of sound, this Nintendo Switch OLED has improved stereo speakers that offer a more resounding and clear sound; according to the size of the console. In any case, it is best to use wireless headphones, since if you turn up too much volume, the richness of the sound begins to be lost. It should be noted that it does not incorporate a 3.5mm port, so your only options will be the audio from the speakers or the earbuds.


Geekzilla Tech reviews Nintendo Switch OLED console

The autonomy of the new version of the Nintendo Switch is the same as the original model. This console offers from 4 and a half hours to 9 hours. For its part, the controls take 20 hours and 3 and a half hours to fully charge. Honestly the battery is pretty good




Geekzilla Tech reviews Nintendo Switch OLED console

The differences in terms of design between the two versions of the Nintendo Switch are very few. Visually, the console is very attractive, modern and elegant. In addition, the manufacturing of the Nintendo Switch OLED is quite premium . The only “but” is the plastic manufacturing of the support foot. However, it is much more stable than it was previously.

In terms of weight, the difference is imperceptible, this new model weighs 20 grams more, that is, 420 grams. It has a power button, volume controls in the upper left corner, and a USB Type-C input.

Finally, the controls are physically very similar, but they incorporate a secret function . The drift problem in the Joy-Con has always been something to talk about, but they have improved the pads for the Nintendo Switch OLED model. In addition, the Joy-Con grip allows a better grip on the hands.


 Nintendo Switch Price in Nigeria

Between 130k and 190k you will get your Nintendo Switch OLED game online on Jumia

Geekzilla tech reviews – Is it advisable to buy this Nintendo?

If this is the first time that you will buy a Nintendo Switch console, it is without a doubt the best model you can get. On the other hand, if you are already a user of this portable device, it is not worth the expense. Unless money is not a problem and you care a lot about the improvement on the screen because you use the Nintendo Switch OLED a lot to play with your friends


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