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2023: Tinubu’s Presidency By Fr Kelvin Ugwu




I believe the greatest evil a country can do to its people is to bring them to that point where they begin to see abnormalities as normal and normalities as abnormal.

In Nigeria today, people get kidnapped. . . And it is NORMAL.
Children get killed or abducted. . . It is NORMAL.
A civil servant resumes work on time or a Christian driver returns a huge sum of money forgotten in his car… It is seen as ABNORMAL.

So, before we gradually begin to see every abnormal thing as normal, let us not include these three things I am about to say, because they are abnormal and nothing should make them normal.


1. The presidency should never be seen as an old people’s home. It should never be seen as a retirement home where those who are old and tired go to retire.

2. The office of the president should never be seen as a rehabilitation centre or sick people’s home. It is not a place where People with certain undisclosed illness(es) go to. It is not a place where the country’s money is used to finance medical treatments abroad for a politician. In other words, you must be fit right from day one and the public has the right to know what your health challenge is. . .and if medically you can’t carry on even after election, you should let go of the seat.

3. Most importantly, the office of the president is not a reward or a trophy to any individual who may have prided himself as a godfather or a certain political lord. It should never be seen as a centre where people who feel they are the biggest politician the country had discovered after jollof rice, get rewarded for their many years of politicking.

If not that abnormalities have been turned to normalities. . .


What is Buhari who may not qualify to be an admin in a Whatsapp group of serious-minded people doing as the president of over 200 million Nigerians?

What is Tinubu who is presently older than Buhari in body and face but younger than Buhari in Wikipedia age, planning to do in Aso Rock? Why does he feel Nigerians owe him votes when he does not think he owes Nigerians the truth about something as little as his real age?

When we sing Nigeria jagajaga, no one should mistake it to mean that the solution to the jagajaga will come from a certain self-acclaimed Jagaban simply because you like him. It must go beyond liking him, it must be rooted in facts about his competence and clear practical ideas of what he wants to do in office differently.

For those who will misunderstand this post and come to defend the indefensible, let me say this. . .


Support whoever you want to support for 2023, but it should be clear by now what Nigeria problem is. . . Bring an Angel from heaven to rule the country, it will still go worst. Anyone who is not willing to restructure Nigeria, or better still have a negotiation on our unity and sharing of resource does not mean well for the country.

You can now start arguing with your keyboard or better still, come to Malawi and beat me.


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