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2023: Bola Tinubu Knows Buhari Has A Preferred Presidential Candidate, And He’s Ready To Fight — Davies-Kensington



According to a report by Guardian, Baroness Tinuke E. Davies-Kensington who Is the Diaspora Women leader, Tinubu Support Organization (TSO) and matron, Asiwaju Volunteers Group, had said that either zoning or not in Nigerian politics, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu remains the best choice to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari.

Looking at what he said, Asiwaju is a democrat and not a tyrant. He is as well a party man who will submit to free and fair primaries and will accept the results, but he won’t be intimidated. In every election cycle, he has supported his preferred candidates.

Many times these choices didn’t meet the expectations of his allies. When Asiwaju chose Fashola, Agbaje, and co. convulsed and departed when he chose Ambode, Fashola threw a fit. Then, in 2014, Tinubu hid the delegate list from everyone. Until the morning of the primaries at Onikan.   That’s the game. Ambode was enthroned. Fashola and co leaked their winds and worked for the party. Tinubu knows Buhari will have a preferred candidate. Who may or may not be him. He is already preparing to meet all contingencies. Nobody should make it look like it’s either Asiwaju or the highway. That’s not party democracy.

No consensus is legal except that all aspirants, including Asiwaju, agree. So nobody should demonize consensus. When the president chooses his preferred candidate he will naturally work to enthrone him.


That’s what Asiwaju would do too. But I know Asiwaju is no pushover. He is a colossus, a tested political combatant. He will give it his best shot and win or submit to the will of the majority.     Although Buhari is entitled to have a preferred candidate, that is allowed in a democracy. As long as a transparent, free and fair primary is conducted, the outcome will be fine with all contestants as well as their supporters.

And as long as it is an elective contest, just consider it a landslide victory for Tinubu because even the rest of the other contestants know they do not stand a chance against the man in an elective convention hence their desperation for endorsement, anointing, and coronation.


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